AUO: The TV Open Cell and TV Screen demand is still low, and the growth momentum of education and medical care is the strongest

Ke Furen, the general manager of AUO, a large panel factory, and the chairman of DaQing, said on the 1st that the sales of Double 11 and Black Five were affected by the general environment, which was lower than that of previous years. However, with the reduction of inventory, we have seen demand and Open Cell¬†material panels return to a healthy and normal pull. At the same time, he also revealed that in DaQing’s operation, the education market has the largest growth, which is expected to double next year, and medical applications will maintain 20% growth space this year and next year.

Ke Furen said that the demand forOpen Cell Tv Panel panel displays is related to most consumer products. Due to the impact of the overall economy, the current demand is really weak, and it is expected that the demand will remain at a low point in the short term. However, in the medium and long term, applications including smart medicine and smart cities are worth looking forward to, because 80% of human information collection is through the eyes, which is expected to enable displays to create greater value in more vertical markets,

According to the performance of the traditional shopping season of Double 11 and Black Five, Ke Furen said that after the data of Double 11 came out, it was indeed a little worse than expected, while the Black Five had not yet come out completely. However, affected by the epidemic control, he believed that the overall sales situation would be lower than the level of the past two years.

Looking forward to the future, Ke Furen believes that it is still necessary to closely observe the changes in the general economic environment for the recovery of industrial prosperity. However, at present, most of the stocks in the market have been gradually reduced, and we also see that the demand for goods pulled from material panels has gradually returned to a healthy and normal level. As for the productivity growth rate and annual repair plan in the first quarter of next year, due to the impact of the traditional Chinese New Year, they will be dynamically planned and adjusted according to the demand.

Public information display institutions were established separately. Ke Furen said that DaQing’s share in the overall group’s revenue this year is expected to increase from about 10% last year to 15%, indicating that AUO’s revenue in non panel and vertical fields has continued to increase. From the perspective of sectors, education and medical markets have strong growth momentum.

Post time: Dec-03-2022